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If you’re visiting our website, it’s because you need some help, not to read a bunch of fluff about how we’re the top rated, number 1, most trusted Private Investigator in Bowie Maryland.  Who gives out these titles anyway? We’ve never been asked to vote.  Probably because its a bunch of nonsense written by a marketing team.  Our reviews speak for themselves.


Very simple.  If you have a need to find out what someone is doing, where they’re going, or who they’re doing it with, that is what we do.  We’ll provide you with surveillance services to legally monitor all their activities, along with taking photos or video of everything we can.


Though we’ve been doing this since 1995, we of course have no crystal ball to know 100% when the person may do what it is they’re doing.  We work with you to provide us information as to what you feel is going on, then together we formulate a strategy.  Basically we think about where that “window of opportunity” presents itself, then have the person watched during that time.


The almighty question.  We have programs with NO RETAINER. (That’s $0 Down) The total fee will be determined by the person we’re watching.  How fast they do what we think they’re doing, and how much evidence do you want.  


$0 cost, no obligation options abound.  Want to talk further, we’re very friendly, call us now at 301.261.1029, or we have a convenient email form at the very bottom of the page.  You can even get a jump-start by filling out our online form at NEW CLIENT QUESTIONAIRE

Hi there!  Need a Bowie Maryland Private Investigator? Feel free to call anytime, and ask for Sam. I am here to listen, evaluate, and assist.  You have a lot of options when considering a Private Investigator, and you probably have even more questions.  Is this the right thing to do? Is this going to help me? Is this legal? I’m not here to tell you a bunch of marketing nonsense. What you’re looking for is facts right?  Facts as to what’s going on, what can you do, and how can we help. You’re traveling down a road you’ve never been before, and you’re probably a little confused on what to do. Unfortunately there’s a lot of people in the world that will attempt to take advantage of that. Yes even lawyers. Talk to someone who’s been through a divorce and ask if the court/lawyer process was not just as much of a pain in the butt as the divorce itself.  We’re very busy with plenty of cases to keep us as such, therefore I can afford to be straight forward with you, and provide you honest facts, opposed to trying to sell you.  Want the straight scoop? Want to talk strategy? Contact me to learn about “The Sam Difference”  301-261-1029

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