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How does hiring a Licensed Private Investigator work?

If you are viewing this webpage then obviously you have a situation with a cheating spouse, child custody, or general family problem therefore feel a Licensed Private Investigator will be beneficial. To get process started it’s not really too hard.

Ward Investigations will provide you a FREE consultation 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  During this time our goal will be to get a complete understanding of what is going on in regard to your specific situation.  Things such as: Do you know who your spouse may be involved with? What is their profession?  What type of work might the other person do? Is the other person married? Information about children. Basically we need you to paint us a mental picture so we can together figure out best way to work your case, along with the best times to work your case to maximize our efforts in the most efficient way possible.

After you decide Ward Investigations will be beneficial, we will then get all the pertinent information to properly start your case.  This information will include such things as work schedule(s), vehicle information, address information, physical descriptions, and a thorough explanation of all the goings on in regard to your case.


What should I look for to determine if there is a problem?

Though these traits may vary here are a few of the most common you should look for...

-Coming home late from work on a more consistent bases.

-New reasons why they seem to have to run out all the time.

-New clothes or attitude towards appearance.

-Cellular phone seems to be hidden/guarded or the history erased.

-Sudden lack of interest in regard to romance.

-Sour attitude towards you or the family.

-Constantly checking email or a sudden interest in the computer.

-A overall disinterest in the goings on in or around the household.


What will I receive from your professional services?

This can best answered by saying anything you desire to know.  Meaning if you need information/ documentation for a pending child custody hearing, spousal support review, information that can assist with a divorce through the court process, or if you simply want to satisfy a suspicion, our purpose is to solve it. In the event your feelings are correct, we can also obtain and provide any information you would like to have in regard to the “other person”.

Ward Investigations will provide complete documentation as to all activities, along with any photos or video(s) obtained throughout the investigation.  In addition we will work with any law representation you may have and testify in court hearings. We pretty much join your team to do anything you need from start to finish.

Our job satisfaction comes from providing results for clients; therefore each client is treated with that goal in mind


How will a private investigator help with a divorce or child custody issue?

Just like anything else in life the more information you have the better off you are.  Rather you are hiring us specifically for a court related matter or just for the need to satisfy a suspicion our job always remains the same.

Ward Investigations will provide you with all the solid documented information to help put you in a more informed decision making mode on how to handle the situation you find yourself in that requires our investigative expertise.

If you are hiring us for a divorce or child custody matter, many of our cases never even make it to court. The reason being we obtain enough information that place you in a positive position of power to negotiate a settlement to your liking. This saves you time, money, and a lot of continual aggravation.

Ward Investigations maintains an ECO friendly paperless environment

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