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Maryland Private Investigator

Welcome to Ward Investigations, you should notice that we are a bit different then most area investigators whereas we DO NOT specialize in every area of private investigator services, and we are the ONLY agency in town that does not charge an up front retainer fee for you to get started on a case.

WE ONLY WORK DOMESTIC INVESTIGATIONS. .....For roughly 18 years we have guided Maryland clients through the turbulent times and heightened pressures of being the victim in an adulterous relationship or child custody matter by practicing decisive collaborative action to obtain the concrete evidence you're seeking regarding your significant others dysfunctional activities. We then integrate these activities in such a way it shall yield a positive result should a possibility of a legal proceeding be on the horizon. Should not need our service for a legal related matter? Well, that is ok to as we also can provide you with the same professional service for a cheating boyfriend or girlfriend. Please call now to learn more. There is never any obligation just to call. Thank you!

Maryland Private Investigator

"I've have never done this before"

 We are always told when someone calls “ I don’t even know what to ask as I have never done this before”  Don’t worry- luckily for you we have, and we have done it many many times!


It’s just like stopping by your local coffee shop for a cup of java…Tell them what you want, and they serve it up hot and ready to go! to speak


Your needs will obviously be different then some hot coffee, but the process is similar.  We’ll have a friendly conversation where you simply give us an idea of what has been going on, what some of your thoughts, and we shall in return utilize our experience to provide you some guidance in regard to what we can legally do, and a few ideas on how to execute your desired wants or needs.


How does that saying go? .............Easy as 1, 2, 3!  Call now for an easy free consultation.

Our Maryland investigators have completed a standard of ethics test. Your confidentiality will never be an issue.

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